The Maria Ramsden Learning Centre

Originally called the Khwai Village Day Care Centre, the centre was created by Maria Naledi Ramsden and Sandra Rubins  to better the lives of preschool children in Khwai Village,  Botswana. Maria and Sandra worked closely with the Khwai community for many years, devoting their energy to bettering the lives of vulnerable members of the community, especially children of single mother led households. Maria and Sandra co-founded their own charity, Naletsana, which joined forces with Natural Selection to run the Centre before Maria sadly passed. Renamed in her memory, the centre not only continues to provide a safe learning and playing environment, but also daily meals for young children, including a high nutrient porridge each morning. A new kitchen has been added and a garden is being built to assist with additional food provision. We cover the running costs of the learning centre and we are looking to donors to help fund the daily meals and eventually open the doors to weekend learning opportunities for adults.

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