Northwest Namibia Community Outreach

While Natural Selection’s operation in this area is still fairly new, we are busy working on the best way to assist communities with conservation communication and sustainable practices

Northwest Namibian Ranger Support

Due to the severe drought conditions being experienced in the area, we supported rangers and Sesfontein Game guards with food portions so that they could continue to do the great work that they do.

Purros Community Herding Support

Communal herding initiative that protected cattle from desert lions during the dry months from Feb 2021 to June 2021. Food parcels were provided every month to 4 communal herders. In addition, there was an initiative from IRDNC to buy the last few cattle remaining after the drought and donate the meat back to affected communities (the motivation being that less cattle will reduce grazing pressure and human-wildlife conflict in the process). We purchased the 6 remaining cows in May 2021.

VHF Radio Communication Tower

Mitigating wildlife crimes through improved communication and response times.

Communication is key, particularly in remote areas, and our very own Namibia Tracks and Trails has recently completed the installation of a VHF radio communication system in northwest Namibia to assist communications between ourselves and Elephant and Human Relations Aid (EHRA), as well as local police. This enables everyone to jump swiftly to attention in the event of any wildlife crime being committed.

The Ozondjou Namibia Tracks and Trails mobile camp also raised an additional N$270,000 for EHRA last year.

Sesfontein Recycling Project
Improving waste management through recycling in Sesfontein Village.

Sustainability is an important facet of our business, and a big part of that is recycling. It’s an area we are continually trying to improve on through systems such as integrated waste management (reduce, reuse and recycle). In 2020, we will be working with the Sesfontein community, our partners at Hoanib Valley Camp, to upgrade the existing dumpsite to improve efficiencies and create a recycling depot for the area.

Sesfontein Boarding School

Children from extremely remote corners of northwest Namibia attend this boarding school with very limited means. As a start towards supporting this school, we have supplied beds for the children. Supplies for the children will continue to be in short supply so we will be offering further assistance in the future and offering guests the opportunity to contribute school supplies as well – something many guests inquire about.

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