Mmogo Coexistence Programme

A human/carnivore conflict mitigation initiative with some “hind” sight

Human-wildlife conflict is one of the biggest issues that we face in conservation, and it’s particularly prevalent in areas where villages and predators are within close proximity.

In an attempt to reduce livestock predation by lions and leopards (and reduce retaliatory killing by farmers) this project introduces mitigation strategies and support to livestock farmers, including the painting of large eye spots onto the rear end of cattle. This relies on the fact that predators such as lions and leopards are ambush predators, generally relying on the element of surprise to capture their prey. Hunts are more likely to be abandoned if predators are seen by their prey. The Mmogo Coexistence officers in the community work to provide a community support role in not only educating farmers on mitigation, but for responding quickly to reports of predation.

Images © Bobby Claw

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