Makgadikgadi Large Mammal Migration

Supporting and expanding large mammal migration routes between Northern Botswana and Makgadikgadi National Park and the Kalahari Desert through informed land use planning and human-wildlife coexistence

We have partnered up with Round River Conservation to bring this exciting project to fruition.  Our Makgadikgadi properties are well known for the annual migration they host, with visitors eager to witness the charge. This project aims to support large mammal migration routes between Northern Botswana, Makgadikgadi National Park and the Kalahari Desert.

Prior to the 1960s, this area held the longest, and quite possibly the largest migration of zebra and wildebeest in the whole of Africa. Unfortunately, this impressive migration abruptly ended with land use changes that required extensive fencing across migration routes.

Incredibly, the migration has re-emerged over the last decade, pushing through old fences and small-hold farms. This has allowed for not only a renewed migration and tourism interest, but also range expansion of an elephant population that was overburdening certain areas of Botswana. Our aim is to unrestrict this movement by working alongside local communities and stakeholders to develop land use plans that benefit all.



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Makgadikgadi Large Mammal Migration