Lorato House Rescue Centre

Thamo Telele (formerly known as Royal Tree Lodge) support not only giraffe conservation Natural Selection (naturalselectionfoundation.org) but also a local orphanage called Lorato House Rescue Centre (LHRC). Lorato means love and is an emergency rescue Centre for orphans and vulnerable children with socio-economic needs backgrounds that force them to be placed into a place of safety and protection from birth to 5 and up to 10 years for those who are living with disabilities.

Through its team of staff, the centre ensures 24/7 care. Early Childhood Education is provided at the Centre. Since its inception, the Centre has housed more than 70 children.  Currently with our operational capacity we manage around 30 children at the Centre is twenty-seven including  those living with disabilities. We have space for 75 in our current facility as operational funds become available. Various therapies and case management are provided at the Centre. We have had volunteers for a few hours up to a few weeks that add so much. For more about Lorato House please see here (20+) Lorato House Rescue Centre | Facebook.

Lorato House is run by the owners of the property (Jerry and Jana Lackey) who founded the Love Botswana Outreach Mission. This organization has grown tremendously in scope and reach, launching over 30 life-changing programs, creating jobs and sustainable programs designed to better lives in the community and the Ngamiland and Okavango districts of Botswana, becoming one of the largest non-profits in the country. For more information about the organizaton please see Love Botswana

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