Coaching Conservation

An innovative conservation education program for children living near wildlife areas of Botswana and for children visiting Meno a Kwena and Khwai Private Reserve

Coaching Conservation, or “CC” as the programme is fondly known, uses sport to engender self- respect and inspire a generation of kids who care about Africa’s natural resources such as wildlife and habitats. Sport and games are used for the fun and receptive lessons it creates, based on 20 years of natural and social science research.

By linking conservation to core values through sport, children are able to personally connect with the wildlife around them. This has proven immensely valuable in helping youngsters from the local communities understand the value of wildlife and the reason tourists are drawn to it.

When young travelers visit Meno a Kwena or the Khwai Private Reserve, they too benefit from the programme, and are able to partake in a range of wildlife themed games that teach about African wildlife and its conservation. Our hope is that the games and message will stick with them, and that they’ll relay it to friends and family overseas when they return home, creating an international network of ‘kids who care’.



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